TRC Talent Solutions


Global Manufacturing and Distribution Company Achieves Flexibility, Savings, and Compliance with TRC

The Challenge

Client operates in a highly competitive environment and was burdened with a tenured expensive workforce. They were charged with reducing costs in the facility by over 1 million dollars

a year without compromising service or FDA regulations.

The Solution

1. Transitioning Contract Employees to TRC Employment.

Our first step was transitioning the client’s current contractors to TRC employees, as we became the exclusive staffing vendor for their company. The goal during the implementation process was to ensure the transition did not disrupt business functions. We also built client-specific communication plans including scheduled reporting of tasks and planning, weekly implementation reviews, and monthly strategic updates. The design, frequency, and meeting format are unique to the customer and are vital for the customer’s success with TRC.

2. Evaluate What Caused Their High Turnover Rate.

When looking at the high turnover rate, we evaluated the entire hiring process and provided best practices for how to interview, what to look for in a resume, and more. We met with every candidate before the interview to help provide reassurance, motivation, and preparation on the culture and environment of our client.

3. Alleviate Co-Employment Risks.

The client liked to create a positive, inclusive, culture-oriented environment for all employees to keep everyone engaged. However, this began to expose the client to risks for Human Resource departments and for the potential of EEOC claims being filed. This issue was alleviated by having a consistent TRC supervisor presence on site to ensure that any programs that were initiated by the client would involve TRC and TRC’s own branded products.

4. Create an Open Channel Of Communication.

The client wanted to ensure that everyone was provided a second chance to improve, which began the coaching and development process for TRC to utilize with each employee. This became one of the most highly rated survey topics that employees were most happy with and wanted to continue with TRC. We became the voice for the contract employees who appreciated the open line of communication and the reassurance that TRC wanted them to grow and develop as individual employees.

5. Create Cohesiveness with The Company and TRC.

Aligning the culture between both TRC and the client was important in understanding the impact of every person that is hired. Both parties agree on all candidates before they were hired to ensure cohesiveness within the workplace.