TRC Talent Solutions


Global Medical Device Supplier Boosts Time-to-Fill, Performance, Cost Savings and Retention with TRC

The Challenge

Client was utilizing an unsophisticated and “reactive” staffing firm resulting in a staggering 14-day time-to-fill. The slow time-to-fill created significant downstream problems. Line supervisors were retaining underperforming and unreliable staff because they could not afford to wait on replacements. Over time, this issue led to a culture of mediocrity and a relatively unengaged and underperforming workforce.

TRC’S Approach

TRC implemented an aggressive recruitment process, focused on building a screened, ready and capable workforce ahead of then demand. Our approach led to a less than 1 day time-to-fill which enabled dramatic changes in the overall quality and performance of the workforce.

Cost Savings

  • On-Site Manager and Supervisor to oversee daily management of the contingent workforce New performance culture
  • Base labor costs less than half of fully burdened permanent costs
  • On demand recruiting with TRC pool of employees first chosen for permanent positions
  • $78K cost savings in one year in one department alone Improved Processes
  • Reporting
  • Kaizen and Kanban events – focus on lean manufacturing
  • New ideas for the team to incorporate morale building with improving processes
  • “Dock-to-Stock” reduced from 1 week to less than 24 hours

The Results

  • As a result of our track record, TRC was asked to implement a second client engagement in NJ within the first 15 months of our relationship
  • Benchmark employees against each other to establish standards and targets
  • Client is one of the top performing sites globally
  • Site averages 100 employees
  • Time-to-fill reduced from 14 days to less than 1 day
  • Turnover reduced from 50% to 10% and continues to decrease