TRC Talent Solutions


TRC Enables Leading Instrumentation Company to Relocate, Reduce Turnover and Sustain Growth

TRC’s Approach

TRC hosted a joint Kaizen Event with our customer in 2013 to address early terminations (terminations that occur within 30 days or less). The results of th was data e Kaizen Event led to an Employee Engagement Program that driven using historical turnover data cor designed a systematic engagement plan that covered the first 4 weeks of the employee assignment, with each week targeting a specific cause of turnover based on historical data.

• 6 year partnership with client, looking for innovation

• Currant state analysis of early turnover

• Event Charter planning

• Joint Kaizen Event with client

• Future state action items

• Program monitoring and reporting schedule

• Continuous improvement of program

The Results

TRC saved our client more than $24k in lost time over 10 months by reducing early turnover. Early turnover was reduced by 37.5% (turnover within the first 30 days). Saw a 27.7% improvement in overall turnover.