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There are many ways leaders can help keep their teams productive whether they are working from home, hybrid or in office to provide ample support and ensure accountability. It is helpful to have sufficient and effective strategies in place for your employees based on your team logistics. Employers can help facilitate many of these in order to best set their teams up for productivity and success.

Four Ways Leaders Can Help Keep Their Teams Productive:

Provide Sufficient Tools. 

Provide employees with the necessary equipment needed to do their job. From providing technology to helping offset costs for standing desks and comfortable desk chairs, anything that will help them work more comfortably and efficiently will be appreciated.

Increase Flexibility.

Give employees more flexibility when feasible to work when and how they are best able. As long as they complete their tasks on time, it is important to be sensitive to and accommodating of requests for online school time and other needs.

Have Accountability Across Levels.

While flexibility should be increased, there has to be accountability as well to ensure all projects are completed on-time. Leaders should collaborate with their teams to establish systems that work for them, from daily calls to weekly video check-ins to chat programs. Check-in with them consistently to see how they are doing and if you can be helpful in any way.

Focus on Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health.

Take the time to assess the team and work with leadership to ensure they can take time off for a mental break. That way, they will be more productive once they have had a chance to regroup and refresh, and it will decrease the chances of burnout. TRC is here to help support any additional staffing resources for your team to help keep your business and your teams productive. Should you need support, please contact the TRC team today.