TRC Talent Solutions


TRC’s RPO Solution Reduces Manufacturing Client’s Cost-per-Hire by 70%

The Challenge

Our client, a national manufacturing company, was facing significant hiring challenges due to multiple mergers with newly acquired companies. This led to a decentralized talent acquisition model, leading to a shortage of skilled workforce. Additionally, the company was expanding its business nationwide, and the inability to hire quickly was causing a potential loss of business. Although the client was unable to track the exact cost per hire, they estimated it to be around $2,500-$3,000. They looked to TRC Talent Solutions for support.

The Approach

To address the client’s hiring challenges, TRC implemented a customized Enterprise Recruiter-on-Demand model featuring a dedicated Team Lead and three recruiters focused on hourly production roles. TRC services included weekly meetings for progress updates, virtual hiring events and landing pages to showcase opportunities, job description audit and rewriting, robust reporting and analytics, recruitment SLAs, a discounted direct-hire program for critical positions, a total talent solutions model for diverse hiring needs, recruitment automation through the TRC Talentai solution, and surveys to assess employee satisfaction and identify improvement areas.

The Results

Implementation of the TRC program brought significant positive outcomes to the client. They successfully hired and onboarded over 150 employees within the designated timeframe. The cost-per-hire was reduced by 70%, yielding cost savings and improved hiring process efficiency. The high offer acceptance rate of 87.4% showcased the effectiveness of the recruitment process and candidate quality. A remarkable submittal acceptance rate of 98.7% demonstrated alignment between candidate profiles and client requirements. The submittal-to-hire rate of 2.7/1 indicated an efficient candidate selection process and a high likelihood of successful placements. Moreover, the client had to expand training classes to accommodate the influx of new hires, signifying growth and expansion.