TRC Talent Solutions


TRC Helps Leading Restaurant Supplier Overcome Distribution Center Hiring Challenges


Our client, a prominent supplier to a leading restaurant chain, was struggling to recruit top-tier candidates. Despite engaging another recruiting firm, they were dissatisfied with the caliber of candidates they received. The client sought a partnership with TRC Talent Solutions, renowned for its exceptional service and ability to provide high-quality employees.


Understanding the specific requirements for our client’s warehouse operations, we took a proactive approach by gathering information to create an “ideal” employee profile. Leveraging the power of the TRC Talentai solution, we designed a targeted recruiting campaign to attract candidates who closely matched this profile. Additionally, we facilitated check-ins for the client’s “meet and greets,” expertly managed the onboarding process by providing training videos to new hires and ensured regular quality checks on our employees. Recognizing the significance of employee engagement, we organized various activities to foster a positive work environment.


Since partnering with TRC, our client has witnessed a remarkable improvement in the quality of their workforce. Through our rigorous screening process, we have successfully deployed and managed 10 resources in alignment with the client’s requirements. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional service and meticulous attention to detail ensures our client experiences “white glove” service. And our collaborative efforts have resulted in a more stable and productive workforce, effectively addressing the client’s previous concerns about high turnover.