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Very few professionals truly work in a bubble. Instead, they are part of a larger team. By being a great team-player, you aren’t just ensuring that you are able to thrive; you are setting up your coworkers for success as well. When teamwork together cohesively, strive to communicate clearly, and aim at the same common goals, everyone gains.

If you want to make sure that you are an exceptional team-player, here are some best practices to follow.

Be Friendly

Positive working relationships are critical if you want to be an excellent team-player. While you don’t necessarily have to be friends with each of your coworkers, you do want to be polite, respectful, and generally friendly when you interact.

Additionally, offer a helping hand when you get an opportunity to assist someone who is struggling. Friends often reach out when those around them are in need, so adopt the same mindset with your colleagues. This will ensure that you are making a positive impression at all times and are always working to bolster the team’s success.

Avoid Gossip

Few things are as damaging to a company’s culture and team dynamics as gossip. When you talk behind your coworkers’ backs, you bring doubt into the relationships. Once they learn of your tendency to chit-chat about negative thoughts and experiences, your coworkers will have trouble trusting you. As a result, the relationships become less functional, hindering team performance.

If you want to be a great team-player, always decline to participate in gossip. This not only includes gossiping on your end but also listening to others who are speaking poorly of their colleagues.

Expand Your Circle

It isn’t uncommon for professionals to have stronger relationships with some of their coworkers and not others. Similarly, you may spend more time with certain team members simply because you are more familiar with them.

However, by expanding your circle, you can become a better team-player. Spend time getting to know acquaintances even if you aren’t working directly with them at the moment. Introduce yourself to new coworkers as often as possible, and make sure to be welcoming when you do.

Take Ownership of Your Actions

Nobody is perfect, and everyone will occasionally make mistakes at work. While it can be embarrassing, trying to hide your missteps isn’t a smart move if you want to be a team-player. This is especially true if another coworker may take the blame for your error.

If you make a mistake, take ownership of it. Admit your faults, apologize for the inconvenience, and then dig in to find a solution that corrects the problem. By being accountable for your actions, you’ll garner more respect. As a result, others will feel more comfortable working with you even after you’ve made a mistake.

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Ultimately, all of the best practices above can ensure that you are a great team-player. If you’d like to learn more, the professionals at TRC Talent Solutions can help. Contact us to discuss your questions with a member of our skilled team today and see how our expertise can benefit you.