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Mobility Services Leader Saves 100K with TRC’s Master Vendor Program


Our client, a leader in enterprise-managed mobility services, faced challenges managing six different recruiting firms – including numerous inefficiencies and hidden costs. Knowing our reputation for professionalism, accurate reporting, continuous improvement, and quality placements., they approached TRC Talent Solutions for a streamlined solution.


To meet the client’s time and cost-saving objectives, we introduced our MVP (Master Vendor Program), designed to optimize client relationships with staffing providers. The program offers a single point of contact, simplifying communication and enhancing efficiency. Dedicated onsite support ensures seamless coordination. Improved visibility and reporting provide valuable data for decision-making and workforce planning. The program’s uniform pricing plan eliminates inconsistencies, resulting in significant cost savings. Additionally, the program offers scalability and the option to utilize our TRC Talent ai – artificial intelligence-powered recruitment tool for enhanced candidate selection.


Our services have delivered several key benefits to the client. First, we saved them over $100,000 in hard costs through pricing standardization, directly contributing to their financial goals. Second, by consolidating their relationships with recruiting firms into a single point of contact, we streamlined management and eliminated frustrations and time-consuming processes. This consolidation allows the client to focus on their core business activities. Additionally, our weekly reports provide detailed oversight of their 100+ contractors, enabling enhanced workforce planning and resource allocation. Finally, our tailored approach to the client’s unique business needs has alleviated frustrations and constraints, making a significant contribution to their overall success.