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TRC Supports Global Manufacturer Through Surging Talent Demand


Our client, a leading global manufacturer of conveyor systems, faced a significant surge in business due to the increased demands of online shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic. To meet the growing needs of their clients, they needed to quickly hire a large number of employees, including hourly workers. Specifically, they aimed to fill over 50 hourly positions. They turned to TRC Talent Solutions.


TRC developed a comprehensive plan to efficiently hire and train new employees with a strong focus on retention. We adopted a weekly hiring strategy, recruiting five forklift operators per week over a three-month period. This approach ensured a consistent flow of qualified employees and streamlined training processes. Additionally, TRC suggested site tours to coincide with candidate interviews, allowing candidates to experience the facility firsthand and gain insights into the work environment and company culture. This facilitated immediate onboarding and faster integration into the workforce. To monitor performance and progress, semi-weekly quality checks were conducted. And the dedicated TRC resource’s feedback and guidance supported the client’s new hire integration and improvement efforts.


TRC’s strategies yielded significant positive outcomes. Within four months, our client successfully hired 76 employees, surpassing their target. Out of these hires, over 55 individuals secured full-time positions in departments such as Distribution, Quality, Project Management, Planning, and Purchasing. Moreover, many of the hourly workers recruited during this period progressed into shift lead roles or more skilled manufacturing positions.

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