TRC Talent Solutions


TRC Lean Processes Light Up Employee Productivity and Retention for Home Decor Manufacturer

The Challenge

TRC’s client was having challenges filling a multitude of open warehouse positions quickly while working with multiple staffing agencies. The client identified a need for support in four core areas: meeting headcount requirements, ensuring their account was serviced properly in an ongoing manner, candidate coaching and development, and ensuring candidates were meeting their performance KPIs. Once TRC began consistently fulfilling quality candidates on an ongoing basis, we earned the client’s trust and they allowed us to send talent direct to start, shortening our timeframe to fill orders even more..

TRC’s Solution

TRC Build Solutions unique to the customer’s success.

  • IMPLEMENT a lean screening process leading up to the client’s peak season.
  • QUICKLY provide qualified candidates from our pipeline to the hiring manager.
  • BUILT trust in year one; thus, in year two, the hiring managers didn’t have to interview candidates internally, and TRC could send them to start, saving considerable time.
  • INCREASE employee productivity by identifying employee challenges and mitigating them.
  • REDUCE turnover by working with managers on crucial KPIs and conducting in-person candidate check-ins to coach employees and help them reach optimal performance.