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Recruitment and retention are typically top concerns for any business. Attracting quality talent can be daunting in today’s market. Ultimately, unless skilled professionals want to work for you, you are going to face challenges in both the recruitment and retention arenas.

Often, top talent isn’t just interesting in securing a competitive salary (though that is certainly a concern). Instead, some of what they are seeking goes beyond the financial benefits of employment. Finding a job that brings them satisfaction on several levels is a priority. If you want to make sure that people want to work for you, here’s what you need to know.

They Want to Make an Impact

Most employees aren’t overly motivated by the financial aspects of business. While they want their company to be successful enough to offer them security, they aren’t going to be won over by bottom-line thinking or purely financial priorities.

Instead, they want to know that their contributions make a difference beyond impacting profitability. This could include improving the lives of their customers, building a stronger local community, or anything in that vein.

Ideally, companies should craft mission and values statement that speak to broader goals in these areas and live up to them. Additionally, they need to help employees see the connection between their work and those points, giving their contributions a deeper meaning.

They Want to Work with Managers and Coworkers They Like

Many professionals view their workplaces as communities. This perspective has given prominence to the culture aspect of an organization. Finding a company with managers and coworkers they like as well as a culture where they feel like they fit in enhances the work experience.

While this doesn’t mean that everyone needs to be friends, there does need to be an air of mutual respect and a generally pleasant vibe. Politeness and common courtesy also go a long way in this department.

They Want Appropriate Recognition

Nearly everyone appreciates being recognized for a job well done. If a company isn’t acknowledging achievements, morale diminishes quickly.

This doesn’t require anything over the top. Often, a simple “thank you” is highly effective for smaller accomplishments. However, it doesn’t hurt to include bigger forms of recognition, like employee appreciation events or something similar, when the achievement is substantial.

They Want a Degree of Autonomy

Most highly skilled professionals prefer workplaces that offer them a bit of freedom. Once a task is delegated to them, the ability to have a degree of autonomy shows that their manager trusts in their capabilities. Further, it allows them to use methods they prefer or explore something new as long as they achieve the required result. Not only does this enhance engagement, but it can also create a culture where innovation can thrive, something that benefits the employee and the company.

Are you building your team?

Ultimately, the tips above can help you craft a workplace where people actually want to work, giving you an edge on both the recruitment and retention fronts. If you’d like to learn more, the experienced team at TRC can help. Contact us to speak with one of our team members today and see how our recruitment and retention expertise can benefit you.