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We transform business challenges into workforce opportunities.

Your business, its culture and the people who drive it are unique. That’s why we combine and customize our services to provide the smart, strategic support you need.

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Customized Solutions to Your Business Challenges

Strategic Staffing

Whether you need to attract and recruit talent to fill unique positions, contingent labor to meet unusual demands, or a trained team, long-term or short-term, our strategic staffing services deliver.

Professional Search

Give us your job descriptions and we’ll handle outreach, attraction, resume review, initial interviews, candidate ranking and – most important – provide you with vetted, qualified applicants.

Managed-Vendor Program

Let us be your MVP! Organizations that use complex networks of contract and contingent workers rely on TRC to streamline administrative, management and systems support across any or all enterprise divisions.

On-Site Workforce

Our extensive talent pipeline enables us to provide you with a dedicated recruiter to source and hire the contract and contingent workers you need and manage them on your behalf, at your location.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our customized Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions deliver powerful results with our advanced, process-driven, AI-powered recruitment engine combined with 40+ years of successful experience.

Project Based Consulting

Whether for a one-time project or a long-term relationship, count on TRC for project-based consulting as well as customized strategic and tactical solutions to your recruitment and staffing needs.

TRC Talentai:
How High Tech Maximizes the Human Touch

When clients must fill a significant number of positions – often requiring specific skillsets, which may or may not be transferrable from other industries, we have to cast a wide net – and rapidly qualify candidates that merit attention. It’s a challenge we embrace with our unique combination of artificial intelligence and uniquely skilled talent professionals.

Our TRC Talentai engages potential candidates via email and text messaging to very rapidly screen for skills, experience, and capabilities, scheduling viable talent for one-on-one interviews with experienced professionals who further probe for specific abilities and knowledge as well as cultural fit within the client organization. This enables us to bring truly qualified candidates to our clients for consideration – accurately and rapidly. 

See how this dramatic technology can benefit your business.

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Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with offices throughout the U.S.,
TRC delivers results nationwide to business enterprises of all sizes.

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Make TRC your HR advantage

Make TRC your HR advantage

At TRC, we haven’t met a challenge we couldn’t turn into an opportunity
and we’re known for turning opportunities into solutions that deliver results.

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