TRC Talent Solutions


TRC Serves Up New Cost Savings and​ Productivity for Full-Service Produce Business​

The Challenge

  • Create and package perishable goods year round operating during peak seasons based on their client’s needs. Workforce needed ebb and flow with project demands.

TRC’S Approach

TRC provided staff on a small scale 2 years ago and the operation has grown to over 90 people during peak seasons. We have provided our client the flexibility to scale its workforce based on variable demand as well as fluctuating demand across the enterprise. TRC’s workforce is trained on multiple functions and can be deployed where and when they are needed.

The Results

  • Sourced, identified, hired, and nurtured a core group of employees willing to work flexible hours that could provide continuity of the workforce.
  • Less than 8% turnover annually
  • Deployed a state-of-the-art biometrics time and attendance system
  • Yearly hard dollar cost savings of over $150,000